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#280748 - 07/04/99 04:59 AM HYPE: WHITEOUT:MELT in this month's previews.

As it says above, the sequel to WHITEOUT is being solicited in this month's Previews. It's in the Oni Press section, of course, near an ad that'll only make sense if you read the original series. The comic, I hasten to add, will be perfectly readable by absolutely anyone, whether they saw the first series or not.

You can read proper hype about WHITEOUT:MELT at

The WHITEOUT tpb is on the cover of Cold Cut's latest bulletin. If you're interested in WHITEOUT, and your local store doesn't have it in stock, direct them to Cold Cut. If Your store isn't responsive to such requests, you should order through one of the on-line stores listed on my website. (Mars Import, Comics Unlimited, GraphicNovels.Com,

Finally, If you have no idea who I am. there's an interview with me in the latest edition of SEQUENTIAL TART at I go on for quite sometime, and you'll probably like me less after reading it. Take a look!

My web page:
Preview of WHITEOUT #1 at
WHITEOUT tpb now in stores. A sequel is coming later this year.

#280749 - 07/04/99 09:01 PM Re: HYPE: WHITEOUT:MELT in this month's previews.
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new WHITEOUT?! excellent!

thanx for the alert, steve. i shall have my retailer order it for me.

#280750 - 07/10/99 01:05 AM Re: HYPE: WHITEOUT:MELT in this month's previews.
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The ad in PREVIEWS is great and will hopefully be included in the TPB of MELT.

The original WHITEOUT series is reviewed at (which can be accessed through the main hall of

Highly Recommended.