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Hi, this is Ben Adams, writer of PRISONOPOLIS and the MURDER BY CROWQUILL story "Scarhead." There've been a lot of changes at http://www.mediawarpcomics.com as of late, and I wanted to take some time to tell you about them.

Here's a quick rundown on what's changed:

First of all, you can now purchase all our titles by secure credit card transaction directly from our website. We're using CCNow, one of the largest and most reliable e-commerce services -- the same place used by Steve Conley and Joe Zabel on their websites. We've temporarily reduced our prices to promote this new feature, so you'll want to visit the new Ordering page ASAP.

Secondly, the logos and graphics on the site have changed quite a bit since my last update announcement -- you wouldn't believe how sharp the site looks these days. Also, the pages on the Online Comics page have been optimized so that they download much more quickly. I've embedded MIDI files in a lot of the pages too, so we've got a really kicking soundtrack.

The prison movie poll is still on and the votes keep coming in. I've accumulated so many articles on growing prison populations that I've added a search engine to the Prison Stuff page.

On the News page and on our message board, you can read about our tentative plans for a new 100-page graphic novel.

We're fielding comments on Joe Zabel's MURDER BY CROWQUILL for the Mediawarp message board. Some interesting discussion has already begun on it there.

So a lot's been going on. Be sure to stop by http://www.mediawarpcomics.com and check out the changes.

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