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#281211 - 07/29/99 01:55 PM Re: " and a poor use of aggressive colors" revisited
Christos Offline

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I am simply stunned that such a collection of self-regarding intellectuals has overlooked one salient fact regarding Comicon and it's color/ad scheme: the website is patterned after a comics convention. Comics + Con (which is often how the word 'Convention' is contracted)= Comicon.

So then, granting that the graphic and conceptual metaphor used is a convention (and let's be honest, how hard should that be to figure out if one bothered looking at the site's entrance page or the Main hall?), doesn't it make sense that it would be decorated like a convention? Or that it would be festooned with ads for comics-related stuff, like a convention? It is done so both consciously and lovingly. I mention the latter adverb because I am certain that there will be an assault on all that is unholy about the state of the comics business, including those 'rat-bastard-fanboy' conventions. Some people actually like the tradition as well as its corny and garish trappings. Granted, the only fan-convention of any sort I've attended is SPX/The Expo, but that doesn't mean I'm going to flippantly denigrate others' passtimes. Well, I would denigrate a pedophiliac's passtime, but that's something that is a little less subjective than this. Cultural relatavism goes only so far.

I happen to prefer soothing and low-key color arrangements to garish, myself. I happen to prefer clean, open spaces with little or no cluttering myself. I prefer lack of advertising, myself, with the caveat that I'd rather have big adds and free site than the opposite. That said, I happen not to have a problem with Comicon choosing to go joyfully and unabashedly down the path of classic comic and science-fiction fandom myself. I'm not sure why it would bother you.

Whatever problems you may perceive in, from the beginning it instantly grasped one thing you seem incapable of getting: art can be whimsical and fun, and doesn't always need to be held up on some kind of pedestal to pretentiousness. There are different levels for different tastes, and Comicon is pretty comfortable aiming at who they're aiming. Why feel the need to put it down?

I will admit that the reason I initially came to look at Comicon is that Steve Conley is a good friend. But the reason I come back is that the place is fun. Quelle horreur! Part of that fun is the classic tackiness that you choose to use as a cheap target.


P.S. As for whether or not Comicon has any material worth wasting time over, at the very least I like to look at the pretty pictures. I must be a moron.

P.S.S. Am I mistaken, or was's previous design absolutely, god-awfully ugly as sin? Perhaps you should further yourself a bit by reading some of the classics, those that any educated citizen worth his salt has under his belt. For example, the Bible. My chosen name not withstanding, I don't advocate many of the religious aspects in the Bible, per se. Yet it certainly is a repositary for a lot of timeless wisdom, such as 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.' I'm glad to finally be among those Chosen few! Up with TCJ! Yay for Perfection! Yay for regimentation into Administrators, Members, and Jr. Members! (But someone forgot the Hitlerjugende designation [img][/img])

P.S.S. I'm crossposting this on the thread on

P.S.S.S. Oh and Kim, I'm happy to admit to Robert's neuroses if you will admit to the fact that Dan is your syphilitic, brain-dead gimp [img][/img]

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Christian Panas
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#281212 - 07/29/99 07:42 PM Re: " and a poor use of aggressive colors" revisited
Max Fisher Offline

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I read most of the stuff presented here and even went over to tcj for a peek (I'd never enter that forum though).

While I lack Christos' way with words I will say that Kim Thompson's behavior on this thread was not only mean but uncharacteristically empty-headed. And Dan Holloway and company weren't much better.


#281213 - 07/30/99 12:01 AM Re: " and a poor use of aggressive colors" revisited
Dan Holloway Offline

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Once I posted that horribly tedious post in which I tried to summarize, I realized that as Don just said, it fails to give the impression that anything worthwhile was being writeen in tat thread. Admittedly, I did, a very poor job of weeding out the extemperanious [sic?] crap and getting to the points. Truth be told Don, there are few points in there worth reading, but you would probably have to read the thread yourself, and even if you did , by the time you waded through all the bitching and moaning, your brain may be so deadened that you'll find nothing there still. It is a bit ironic in hindsight that while that thread contained a few pointed shots at the Comicon boards by myself and others, the same thread contains some of the most childish bickering I've ever seen on any message board, and yes I'm responsible for my fair share of it. I just sincerely hope that this is a dead issue and we can all move on to discussing MAUS, or BATMAN, or any comic. Any comic at all.

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#281214 - 07/30/99 02:06 PM Re: " and a poor use of aggressive colors" revisited
Rick Bradford Offline

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Now you've done it! You fellas have got me seeing RED!

Mini-Comics Watering Hole

#281215 - 07/30/99 11:46 PM Re: " and a poor use of aggressive colors" revisited
Phishtar Offline
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Though there's probably no point in pointing this out... and I never post to TCJ, but what the heck...
But red, black and white is one of the oldest and most classic color schemes there IS.
You'll notice that the Coca-Cola can, despite being very "garish" by these standards, still sells pretty damn well, and might even be considered a highly successful example of good design...
The first colors you see as a baby are red, white and black... they're attention-getting and they're iconic.
If you want subtle, what the hell are you doing at an online comic convention anyway?
The banner ads bother the hell out of me too, but they're what pay for the site, so I don't feel it's really appropriate to complain about 'em too much...


#281216 - 08/02/99 04:35 PM Re: " and a poor use of aggressive colors" revisited
Samuel Catalino Offline

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Rick V,

What was the point of your post trading me for anyone? I have a no-trade clause and it was signed by Your Boss, Todd Mac and countersigned by his dad Bob. Al Simmons witnessed the document signed too.

Actually, I think I'm worth one Kim Thompson and half of Gary Groth (the back half, because he has no front).

Everyone else,

Most of this does belong in the gutters.
Let's put this stuff there.

Love and Misses,

"If we lose a hundred troops a week, then Dean will be our next Prez." Jack V, avid Dean supporter with no concern for the troops.

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