I want to put comic books into the hands of anyone willing to read and try to enjoy them. We need your assistance. You can help!

Send me as many names of schools, hospitals, barbershops, youth groups, or Native American Reservations via this message board thread. Be creative in your approah to determining who might like a bunch of free comic books. I'll see that each entry is contacted and that conditions are met to arrange an exchange of comics to any/all groups, individuals ect. that are interested after our contact.

The idea here is to send ORCA the info to work from. We realize that you are too busy to do the 'leg work' on this. Just pull the information out of your local telephone book. Please, the more contact information the better. We can put smiles on a large number of faces with your small show of help.

International contacts are requested as well. Please provide full contact information. The more the better!

Please note: Anyone NOT interested in publicly posting can email me (in private and confidentialy) me at: ORCA_comics@yahoo.com or

Again, I have reason to believe that a few of you are in localities that have Native American Reservations. Please - Let us specifically do those kids and people a favor by sending them a selection of free comic books.

Thank You

Rick Olney
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Rick Olney
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