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#281542 - 08/04/99 12:52 PM Free Comics...
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...possibly a miss leading heading but...

I just wanted to share with everyone a couple experiences which have created fruitful relationships.

A few years ago (the last big Javitz show in NYC) I had the distinct pleasure of meeting David Mack of Kabuki fame. He gave me a fat stack of comics, including the trade for the first Kabuki mini (Circle of Blood?). ALL of the material was brilliant! I fell in love with Mack's work; he is truly a talent deserving of FAR wider recognition (hopefully forthcoming with his much delayed run on Daredevil). I buy Kabuki regularly (although it doesn't come out regulary...) and will buy anything Mack is associated with because he is brilliant, not to mention a class act. A couple of free books and he has a reader for life. Simple and beneficial for both Mack and me.
I have also had experiences much like the one related above with other books, such as Strangers in Paradise and Cerebus. I read both now. A few free books is all it took.
I know it is not financially feasible in all cases to give out books but if you can and if you believe in your work... try it.
Hell, I was hooked on Tyrant in similar fashion...bad example.
Don't give out ash cans or anything else that will become an automatic "collectable." Comics need more READERS. If you have reprints or second printings- that would be optimal for cultivating what our industry needs.
Just a thought.
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Gee... I couldn't of said it better myself!

Thanks, Johnblaze!

Want some *FREE* comics!?

Drop me a post card with your requests at: Rick Olney/ORCA
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Try it, it works!

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