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#281764 - 08/10/99 08:08 PM Lieber & his emotional problems @ San Diego

My San Diego appearance schedule is as follows:

Thursday: 3:30-4:45 at the Oni booth with Greg Rucka.

Friday: 3:30-4:30 The Oni Press Panel.
5:30-close, Oni booth w/Greg.

Saturday: 12:00-1:30 Storytelling workshop.
2:30-3:30 signing at Next Planet Over.

Sunday: 12:00-1:00 signing at the Oni booth w/Greg.
1:30-2:30 signing at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The rest of the time, I'll be either sitting on my ass in artists alley selling WHITEOUT, or running around having meetings with potential employers, sympathetic retailers and vicious parasitical human shit. Or I might just be walking around looking at comics.

The storytelling workshop will be an informal presentation. Jeff Parker and I will
talk about the art and craft of storytelling, discussing the techniques we use to make our pages bland and unremarkable. Then we'll go over some portfolios while the group watches. This is assuming that anyone shows up- I think our class has been scheduled opposite a presentation that DC is running, attending which, as I understand it, will actually be required of anyone who wants to show DC their portfolio. Maybe instead of a class we can just have a sing along.

And of course you'll be able to spot me at the Eisner awards. I'll be the tall, flabby white guy in a cheap suit, drenched with sweat, chewing his nails to the quick, snapping at his friends and slugging Maalox from the bottle while assuring everyone that, "as inclination changes, thus ebbs and flows the unstable tide of public judgement." Watch me self-destruct, sitting gibbering and playing with my lower lip. Hygine? Out the window. I'll be lucky to make it though this thing without getting thrown out or beat up.

If you're coming to San Diego, stop by and introduce yourself. Mention that you saw this message here and time permitting, I'll scribble out a quick doodle of Carrie Stetko for you, which you are encouraged to spend hundreds of dollars framing. Again, this is as time permits. Now that I've worked on a comic that's getting some attention, I don't have as much free time at cons as I used to. Please don't take it personally, even if is, in fact, personal.

My web page:
Preview of WHITEOUT #1 at
WHITEOUT tpb now in stores. A sequel is coming later this year.

#281765 - 08/11/99 07:57 AM Re: Lieber & his emotional problems @ San Diego
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Love the Leiber guy!

Well I won't be in San Diego..

Would you mind doing that same panel in Detroit(Novi) in October Steve? I'd love to see it..

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#281766 - 08/17/99 12:22 AM Re: Lieber & his emotional problems @ San Diego

I won't be in Detroit in October- Maybe in Spring.


#281767 - 08/17/99 06:45 PM Re: Lieber & his emotional problems @ San Diego
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Hi Steve,

Thanks again for the gorgeous Stetko sketch!

And you were robbed at the Eisners! I can't believe Whiteout didn't win ONE award in some category. . .

Also sorry I missed the presentation on Saturday afternoon. How well attended was it?

-Augie, all his San Diego plans got tossed through a shredder after one day at the con

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#281768 - 08/17/99 07:20 PM Re: Lieber & his emotional problems @ San Diego

The storytelling workshop was surprisingly well attended. Jeff Parker and I split the class into two halves and we each had fifteen or twenty students. gather around us.

I called for students who'd be willing to have their portfolio critiqued in front of the group, and then did so merciliessly, using what I saw in the book as a springoard for lessons and thoughts on the subject of storytelling. It seemed to go quite well-- there were a lot of good questions asked, and everyone was nodding at the right times.