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#285182 - 12/23/99 02:08 PM Hype: THECOMIC.COM Revised
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THECOMIC.COM is pleased to announce a newly
revamped and expanded website. It has been up for a week or so now, and seems to be free of any major bugs, so I am publicly declaring it open. The interface should be a lot smoother and more navigable now, and I have added the following new features:

-Free book rate shipping on US orders
-Beowulf T-shirts
-News section
-Preview of Beowulf #3 cover
-Techniques page
-Printable mail-order forms
-Links to my books on
-Site index
-And more! (boy that sounded cheesy, huh?)

One disclaimer. There is a blatant lie in the news section, where it says that there are 2 new pages of Deus up. I was supposed to do some new pages for the release, but I didn't get to it, so this item points to the 2 pages I did back in July (July?!? Good God, I'm a slacker). I promise new Deus as soon as I finish Beowulf #3.

Gareth Hinds
Gareth Hinds

#285183 - 12/29/99 10:23 AM Re: Hype: THECOMIC.COM Revised
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Check it out folks! Excellent work.Deus Ex Machina and Beowolf have action sequences that are actually interesting to read! (haven't seen much of that in "X" amount of years.

"X". get it?


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