Hey, all! Been a little bit since I've been online knocking around.

I wanted to announce that my latest effort, TIMESPELL #4 has indeed FINALLY shipped from the printer to Diamond and shops all around the world.
If you're local shop or retailer does not carry it, well then by all means...tell him! The reorder code is
This is by far the best of the series, featuring new inker Mostafa Moussa (who's got an upcoming Image series called IRON WINGS) and a painted cover by Brian Rood, who's doing an X-MEN story with Paul Jenkins.

I've been told by a few that folks who enjoy Bendis and Ellis books will also enjoy Timespell. It's a supernatural thriller based in Manhattan, and by far not your typical
comic jaunt. If you also enjoy things like Twin Peaks, Millennium, Silence of the Lambs, Seven, Preacher or Stray Bullets...then Timespell is right up your alley.

Feel free to take a peek at http://www.timespell.com

Here's hoping we survive the end of the world! Best to all,
Rich Henn (Club 408 Graphics)