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#323297 - 02/18/04 01:13 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
Glenn Greenberg Offline
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When I was on staff at Marvel, I used to hire Bill whenever possible, because I was so enamored of the lettering work he did on the Superman titles and on The Amazing Spider-Man. And when I got the job writing The Rampaging Hulk, I begged and pleaded to the editor to hire Bill as the letterer, so that I would get the chance to have Bill letter stories that I wrote. Luckilly, the editor gave in.

Bill was one of those letterers who had such a distintive style that you can tell it was his work just by looking at it. He was right up there with guys like John Costanza, Joe Rosen, and Jim Novak.

I didn't know him all that well, but I'm glad I got to work with him. And I'm saddened to learn that he's gone.

Glenn Greenberg

#323298 - 02/18/04 02:06 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
Cray_ws Offline

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The poetic stylings of Bill Oakley will be missed, but not forgotten. Forever will he be known for his aphrodisiac ways with serifs and the austere strokes of boldness, and a man with no false pride.

A man who didn't let Cancer stop him from the gratification of Lettering or the pursuit of being one the finest Letterers in the business.

He will be missed.
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#323299 - 02/18/04 02:30 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
jamieoni Offline

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Oh, damn. Bill was a fine letterer. I had the pleasure of talking to him as a pro, and he was a great guy.
Jamie S. Rich
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#323300 - 02/18/04 03:03 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
Simon Bowland Offline
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This is terrible news, really sad. Bill was one of those letterers whose work you could recognise in an instant. He's a genuine loss to the industry and it's really upsetting to find out that he's been so ill.

#323301 - 02/18/04 03:57 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
keithchampagne Offline
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I'm very saddened to hear this horrible news. Bill lettered so many of the comics I've worked on, he was just the best of the best. I can't say I knew him well on a personal basis but any time we talked, he was as friendly as he was talented.

My most heartfelt wishes to his family and friends.

#323302 - 02/18/04 05:14 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
FlyingDeliveryBoy Offline

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My God, this is sad news. I literally almost choked on my gum when I read the headline. He was one of the greats!

#323303 - 02/18/04 06:51 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
Todd Klein Offline
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Very sad news, though many of us knew it was coming. Bill was one of my favorite letterers, and I think was the best in the business at the "Hunt 107" style (his pen point of choice). I only met Bill once, at San Diego, and enjoyed talking to him a great deal. I recommended him many times for jobs I didn't have time for, and was very glad to see him get to letter both volumes of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I'll miss seeing his work on new projects.


#323304 - 02/18/04 11:05 PM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
rcheli Offline

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It's really unfortunate to hear about Bill Oakly -- a terrific letterer. I've always enjoyed his work, and he was up there with my favorites (Gaspar Saladino, Ken Bruzenak, Ben Oda, et al). With computer lettering, the individual touch many of these guys put into their work is now gone.

His work will be missed.
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#323305 - 02/19/04 01:39 AM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
Willie Schubert Offline
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Even though it wasn't a complete surprise it was sad to hear about Bill. I never met him, but he was one of my favorite letterers. His work always felt "easy" and had a wonderful flow.

Thanks for the warm tribute, Chris.

#323306 - 02/19/04 11:12 AM Re: RIP BILL OAKLEY
Chris Knowles Offline

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Damn. I went to the Kubert school with Bill and he was such a cool guy and a really talented artist, as well as a topnotch letterer. I lost touch with him, but always felt a swell of pride when I saw his name in the credits. Hearing that he didn't have insurance breaks my heart.

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