Creator Jeremy Waltman has provided THE PULSE with an exclusive preview of the third issue of his cryptic thriller An Open Place.

Jeremy Waltman tells THE PULSE ...

“Volume one is the story of a man whose government job, unknown, has put him into a place where his dreams seem like reality and reality must be a dream. There are five issues in volume one, each being released quarterly. Issue three comes out in November with four in March and five in July.

The whole story was thought of and created to be a left of center book. It’s black and white with an offbeat story that takes all these things I find interesting and spins those things as fun as can be.

The third issue introduces a group of characters called 'The Hit Parade'. This issue puts out the last of the questions for the main character and then issue four and five will give the answers.

This is the “breath of fresh air” issue as my friend, Adam, called it. It’s the center of the whole story and so it’s meant to have the most energy. It was drawn right when the summer got hot and the humidity made the ink bleed all over. So, in this issue the drawings look a little different from the first two issues because they were all done in brush instead of nib. Little things like that keep it all interesting for me. ”

You can learn more about Jeremy and his work at his website.