It's possible you remember me from a few years back. (I've been pretty quiet lately.) I'm probably known mainly for writing the dystopian science fiction series PRISONOPOLIS that got a very good write-up in Tony Isabella's CBG column a few years back. My work also appeared in Joe Zabel's MURDER BY CROWQUILL anthology, and I've posted frequently at COMICON.COM.

I've completely overhauled my website at . The big addition is a new blog (from that I hope to update regularly. I've also added lots of new background information on me that should be of interest to fans of small press comics and newave comix from the '80s.

Here's the rundown on what's new & notable:

1. The "About Ben" page is a fairly detailed personal profile that contains a lot of information about me that you may not have known.

2. I summarize my future plans under "New Comics" and comment on the current online comics scene. My next round of comics will be autobiographical and will be about my life in Seattle in the early '90s.

3. "Past Works" offers a pretty extensive summary of all the comics I have written and/or drawn since I entered comics fandom in the late '70s. I describe my involvement in the '80s newave comix scene (a descendent of the underground comix scene) and the '80s small press superhero scene. I mention a number of people from that era who would go on to create comics professionally. It also has a '90s retrospective with unseen art by Infochameleon artist Rae Burke and art from my unseen GRENDEL TALES proposal by Wonder Woman artist David Hooper. I also talk about attending Saint Olaf College with VILLAGE VOICE cartoonist Ward Sutton. Included are plenty of scans of artwork from the different eras.

My blog and my upcoming online comics are my highest priorities these days, but I intend to post more on comics-related boards than I have been.

See you around ...

Ben Adams has led an interesting life. He writes about it in his blog and in his autobiographical webcomic, MISFIT\'S JOURNEY .