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Plus: the creator of BIONICLE® games does Tales from the Crypt

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Classics Illustrated Deluxe Graphic Novel #3


By Mary Shelley

Adapted by Marion Mousse

Mary Shelley’s novel, FRANKENSTEIN is not just a masterwork of horror. Even now, its themes of man exerting god-like powers to create life from death remain a passionately debated topic as modern science continues its experiments with cloning, DNA, and stem cells. French artist Marion Mousse brings the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his tragic monster to frightening new life in this all-new comics adaptation, with dark and brooding artwork that appeals to today’s fans of cutting-edge graphic novels. With the 144-page length that the Classics Illustrated Deluxe format provides, so much of the original novel is now part of the adaptation that this may be this best comics version yet.

Available in two formats:

Full-color paperback, 6 ˝” x 9”, 144 pages, $13.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-131-4

Full-color hardcover, 6 ˝” x 9”, 144 pages, $17.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-130-7

TALES FROM THE CRYPT comic book #10

By Greg Farshtey and others

Best-selling BIONICLE book and comics author Greg Farshtey delivers a horror story to remember! In fact, this issue features TWO upsetting stories, presented by the usual band of GhouLunatics whose putrid puns will make you wince.

Bi-monthly comic book, 48 pages, full color, $3.95


You can order through NBM Publishing at 800-886-1223.

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