Hi! For research reasons I can't mention, I need info on Tefe from Swamp Thing, specifically from the Wheeler and
Collins runs(which I ignored). Specifically, what I need to know is:
1) What were the circumstances under which she went to
live with Lady Jane, and were Alec & Abby happy about it?(and if so, why?)
2)What--if they mentioned--was the full extent
of her abilities before Millar's run?
3) Did she ever do anything particularly important during that era, & if so, what?(I.E.
major clashes, major weirdness, etc.)
4) Were she and her parents close?
5) Does she know Constantine is her biological dad?
6)Did she act like a normal kid, or a spookily precocious one a la Winter in Miracleman?

I realize this is a lotta stuff to ask, but if anyone can answer these questions I'd be most appreciative. You can post them here, or
better yet e-mail me at Swiver26@hotmail.com.

John Roberson
Bottomless Studio
Creator of Vitriol, and the upcoming October Surprise, and FALLING SKY...