eigoMANGA has partnered with Diamond Book Distributors as the premier U.S. and worldwide distributor of the company’s comic book publications to the bookstore, library, warehouse club, mass merchandise, and comic book specialty markets. Upon the distribution partnership, eigoMANGA will release it’s first of many comic book publications worldwide beginning February 2004.

eigoMANGA, formerly a dot-com company(eigoMANGA.com) in 2000 had earned the comic book industry acclaim for being amongst the first, innovative, and leading companies to produce dot-comics on the internet during the internet boom. eigoMANGA(then eigoMANGA.com) strived through the dot-com days and persevered during the dot-com bust. With high-quality and compelling original comic book work, eigoMANGA as a core company has proven to become a valuable brand to the eyes of the comic book industry and fans worldwide. This along with genuine company loyalty among employees enabled eigoMANGA to survive the declining Internet business industry and successfully evolve into a promising enterprise level publishing and media company.

“When other dot-com companies, especially dot-comic companies where going out of business on a daily basis, we never had a thought of giving up because we (our colleagues, core audience, business partners, and friends/families) all knew that we had something special. Many of us are in this company are in it for the long haul because eigoMANGA is not a 9-to-5 for us; it’s become an accepted way of life, especially for me” claims Austin Osueke, founder, publisher and CEO of eigoMANGA.
Now the company is primarily engaged in traditional publishing comic books and distribution through brick-and-mortar retail outlets, much to the approval to their audience.

“Our core audience love our brand regardless if it’s a dot-com or not. We have solid and compelling content. We are simply fortunate to be able to translate it into other mediums like printed publications”.

eigoMANGA has long since moved out of being a web-based business and because of that the company now has an opportunity to earn addition recognition as being amongst the first and
leading US-based comic book company to create a new genre within the
manga industry: American manga. The company will officially ship its first issue of its flagship comic book series eigoMANGA RUMBLE in stores worldwide February 2004. eigoMANGA RUMBLE PAK is a monthly anthology comic book series portraying original manga stories created by American artists and creators.

“We feel that the comics in RUMBLE PAK represent the advent of a new breed of talented American manga artists. The visually striking artwork and compelling storylines in these comic books will put to rest any to rest any stigma that Americans can't compete with Japanese manga” states Osueke.

Diamond's Sales Team will begin working with bookstores, book wholesalers, warehouse clubs, mass merchandisers, and libraries to place eigoMANGA’s titles across the country.

“We’re extremely excited to have evolved beyond the internet realm and have something of real worth to comic book readers everywhere.”

For information about eigoMANGA.com, visit the site at