No, no...I don't mean the actual COMPANY
of Marvel....although it damn well should be.
What I'm talking about is HUNDEREDS of Marvel comics, for sale.
What I have are literaly Boxes and boxes of
Marvel comics from 1995-1997. DIRT CHEAP.
See, a real close friend of mine worked at
Marvel. She now had way too many comics to
unload. Almost ALL of these comics are
in NM-Mint condition. Think of almost any
Marvel title from that time period, and I've got it. She's looking to unload, and I'm talking prices from 10 cents to $1 or so a book. Also have lots and lots of TRADE PAPERBACKS, and pretty much 50% or more off the cover price. Some she's only asking $1.
If there's something you need, and you only want to pay a dime or a quarter or something,
let me know.
Email me at with your want list.