Kevin Phillips' new book is great and should be read by everyone with a brain in his/her head. It's rather significant that it's written by a conservative who sees the Bushes as violating a basic credo of American politics; that we as Americans do not countenance dynastic succession in this nation.

His specific arguments about the Bush "dynasty" I won't get into here-- read the book if you want to understand his case-- but there's also a wealth of info on such topics as the religious right, Irangate, how Texas became the hub of modern politics, historical precedence for other "Restoration" movements, and the history of the munitions and oil industries in modern warfare. And though the book has a lot of data to wade through, Phillips (no relation) occasionally lightens the mood with a wry turn of phrase. For instance, one chapter is titled, "Indiana Bush and the Axis of Evil."

Recommended in every respect.