Last Friday, I received my copy of THE ART OF NICK CARDY, published by John Coates. I mention it here because the book will not be offered through Diamond Distributors or to comic shops at a discount, so unless you order a copy of it from the source, you won't be seeing it. And that'd be a shame, because this special signed and numbered edition of the book is worth every cent of its $24.95 price tag.

If you don't know who Nick Cardy is, you owe it to yourself to check out his work at his "table" here at, coming soon. If you do know Nick's work, I'm certain you'll want to add this book to your library. Comic artists, both pro and aspiring, especially will benefit from Nick's commentary regarding his artistic choices on past assignments (such as DC's AQUAMAN, TEEN TITANS, BRAVE AND THE BOLD, BAT LASH, CONGO BILL and other comic books, The TARZAN newspaper strip, many movie posters, magazine illustrations and advertising art.) There's a nice, long interview with Nick himself by John Coates. And, of course, the work itself is as downright excellent as it is varied. The 176-page quality paperback, edited by Richard Howell, also has a foreward by Mark Evanier and an afterward by Kurt Busiek, both longtime Cardy fans (as am I.)

Until the Cardy table is "up", you can order a copy of THE ART OF NICK CARDY ($24.95 plus $4 USA postage -- Georgia residents add $1.50 sales tax) from Coates Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 420316, Atlanta, GA 30342-0316. By the way, all profits from the sale of TAONC go to Nick Cardy. I think you'll love this book; as both a cartoonist and a comics fan, I highly and enthusiastically recommend it.

SCOTT "Not Affiliated With Coates Publishing, Just Spreading The Word Of Mouth" SHAW!

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." -- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

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"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." -- Dr. Hunter S. Thompson