Chris Waldron, editor in chief of Indy Magazine ( ), recently emailed his contributors with some news about changes in the coming year. With his permission, I'm posting this list of new initiatives that he detailed in his letter:

1) Post one review a day, Monday through Friday (see below for what this
means to you).
2) Post daily (or at least weekly) news stories to the site.
3) Create new databases for indy-friendly stores, the conventions
calendar, and a whole directory of industry personalities (i.e., who is
chris ware?).
4) Initiate the Comics Kilo, a periodically-updated column written by
various industry personalities where they can rant about whatever they
want in 1000 words or less.
5) Attract more paying advertisers to the site.
6) Update the Amazon bookstore section.
7) Attract more contributors to indy (including cartoonists to accompany
Matt's Exercise in Style strip.)
8) Add forums to the site and give users the ability to comment on
different features throughout the site.
9) Redesign indy to accommodate all of the above and to make it fresh.

Regarding #1, from now on I
am offering $5 a review for the regular reviews database. Here are a few
rules about this:

1) If I choose not to run a submission, I don't pay. Duh.
2) The review should be no fewer than 300 words. Some flexibility here.
3) Payments will be issued for sets of ten reviews ($50).
4) If you don't contribute ten reviews, I will pay for the ones I
publish after a period of silence or when you ask to be paid.

I realize that this is still not much money, but I hope it is some
incentive to produce more reviews so that I can meet my goal of a review
a day.
Joe Zabel