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Feb 18: More Counter-X Previews
Feb 18: Senator Kelly Wants You To Report Mutants!
Feb 18: New X-Men Animated Series Named

Feb 17: X-Fan Needs You!
Feb 17: X-Man #63 Preview Pages
Feb 17: February X-Title Sales Chart
Feb 17: Romijn-Stamos Slams Costume Critics
Feb 17: Big Marvel vs Capcom 2 Update!
Feb 17: Deadpool #37 Review

Feb 16: Fantastic Adventures Renamed Before The 4
Feb 16: Australian Release Date For X-Men Confirmed
Feb 16: Official X-Men Movie Trailer Online!
Feb 16: X-Men Movie ET Teaser Available Now!

Feb 15: First X-Men Movie Merchandise On Display
Feb 15: X-Men Movie Cards Uncanny Preview!

Feb 14: Singer Clears Up X-Men Movie Trailer Confusion
Feb 14: New X-Men Movie Promotional Photo
Feb 14: Love Is In The Air In 2000!

Feb 13: Joseph Harris X-Fan Chat Transcript

And don't forget the X-Fan Celebrity Chat with Guest-Star Jay Faerber! Sunday/Monday February 20/21!

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