Hiya, kids...

TONY'S ONLINE TIPS is back from hiatus with a extra-long (2700 words) edition of "Tony Isabella's Journal." Wednesday's column features:

AVENGERS reviews
Comics Quotes
Family Circus
The Search for Springfield
Readers comments on DC and Marvel prose novels
Current and upcoming work by yours truly, including a look at the Eddy Newell cover for our DAREDEVIL one-shot

Thursday's column features tributes to Fred Rhoads and George Roussos, comments on the new Avengers line-up and the "monster" format, and some short notes on recently published comics.

The TOT message board is also up and running with courtesy and lively discussion for one and all.

Finally, there are new questions posted on the TONYPOLLS page. The questions concern the Avengers, the Thunderbolts, fantasy and sci-fi on television, and...Godzilla!

You'll find it all at: