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#457653 - 01/03/01 06:24 AM Sad News....
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I have just heard that My Favorite Martian is no more.

I will miss his versatile ability, but at 86, I hope that Ray Walston had a full life.

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#457654 - 01/03/01 08:20 AM Re: Sad News....
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RIP Mr. Walston.

#457655 - 01/03/01 08:54 AM Re: Sad News....
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Synchronistically enough, I had My Favorite Martian playing on TVLand in the background when I first read Sam's post.

Walston was quite a character, and a superlative actor, even on something as goofy as MFM. He'll be missed.

#457656 - 01/03/01 10:21 AM Re: Sad News....
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#457657 - 01/03/01 11:34 AM Re: Sad News....
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Oddly enough, I caught about 3 minutes of the show this morning because I couldn't sleep. I preferred his work in The Sting, but I thought he had died years ago. After Bill Bixby, but still years ago...
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#457658 - 01/03/01 12:55 PM Re: Sad News....
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Boy, the landscaping at Starfleet Academy is sure going to suffer without ol' Boothby... we'll miss him.

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