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February has arrived signaling an end to Winter's long siege. And with February comes thoughts of love and, of course, the February '01 issue of Sequential Tart. So grab your honey and peruse the love filled annals of your favorite Comic web 'zine at

This month's darling cover comes from Art Baltazar, creator of Patrick the Wolf Boy, with a charming alternate piece by Volcanic Revolver's Scott Morse.

The February issue of Sequential Tart woos you with interviews with cover artist Art Baltazar (Patrick the Wolf Boy), Janet Hetherington (Eternal Romance), Maureen McTigue (Wizard World Online, Starlog), and Scott Morse (Soulwind, Volcanic Revolver, Ghost Dog, Oni Summer Special)

You'll swoon over articles like Katherine Keller's new All Fleshe is Crasse, Rebecca Salek's character analysis of Spider-Girl. Jennifer Contino queries the pros on Who is the Most Romantic Couple while Kim De Vries takes us on a tour of the Los Angeles comic Book and Science Fiction Convention. Katherine Keller also offers an examination of the absolute strengths and beauties of speculative fiction. Karon Flage turns the Spotlight On...Ranking and List Position.

In Culture Vultures Katherine Keller speaks from the heart on Why Sci-Fi Shouldn't be Synonymous with Star Trek in the Rant of the Month.

Atsukamashi Onna lures you in with an interview with Aaron Masik and Kenny Yakkel of The Genesis Factor and hooks you with the articles, Kodomo No Omocha, what Jen Bromford calls one the funniest shows she's ever seen, Beautiful Boy, Bishounen!, what Christine Scott calls "anime eye-candy", and Weiss Noise, Jen Bromford's look into the phenomenon that has befallen anime voice actors.

Retailers Corner highlights The Beguiling in Toronto, Canada

Read This or Die is a sweet little treat, the Tarts favorite Manga titles

13 Questions with Marvel Comics President of Publishing & New Media, Bill

Let's not forget the ever sexy Dear Kady Mae, Bizarre Breasts, and Under the
Influence or our regular cuddly columns, Going Postal, Redirected Male and
Tart to Heart.

Plus all the comic, movie, book, music, and game reviews you come to know
and love.

Next month is March, umm, the month of...well nothing. I guess that means you'll have to count on Sequential Tart to make it worth getting out of bed and dragging yourself to the computer. Play nice and let all the pink, red and white get to you.

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Karon Flage, Feature Editor
Sequential Tart Webzine
Karon Flage
Sequential Tart Webzine