With only six issues to go before the end of his tenure on Cable, writer Robert Weinberg recently informed X-Fan of a series of contests that he will be holding for fans of the series.

"By now, it`s pretty common knowledge that I will be leaving Cable after the July 2001 issue (#95)," Weinberg told X-Fan. "I`ve had a great time writing the comic and I appreciate all the fan support I`ve gotten for the work I`ve done. My greatest regret is that I won`t be able to finish the very long and complicated plot line that I started with issue #79 and would have taken another two years to complete. So, I`ll never get to tell my solution to the [Cannonball] and the Externals story line, or why Cable has the techno-organic virus and his clone, Stryfe, does not."

"Still, I`d like to go out with a bang, not a whisper," the writer continued. "I have some really interesting plot twists coming up in my last few issues of Cable, and I will return to Marvel later this year with my new series, Darkside. But, I`d like to do a little extra to reward all those readers who`ve enjoyed my stories. It`s something I call the `Cable Contests`."

For all the details, hit this link:

And best of luck to those who decide to enter! [img]/resources/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
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