For the latest edition of 4CR 's Paper Cuts!, Jason Baldwin conducted a killer interview with Devin Grayson, in which she talks about her work on Gotham Knights, Ghost Rider and Black Widow, discusses some of the misconceptions about and problems marketing Relative Heroes, her thoughts on the online comic book community, and more. Set aside some time for this interview - it's a big one!

Of course, 4CR also has it's usual menu of new reviews (the last month's featured a review a week of CrossGen's entire line-up), articles and other fun stuff, including a recent look back at Heroes For Hire featuring an interview with Christopher Priest and other H4H writers of the past, and some other pieces that look at Action #775, Vertigo's USER, DC's 2 latest cross-over events, and more.

-- steve gerding
webmaster, 4-Color review
-- steve gerding

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