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#460399 - 03/09/01 08:15 AM (HYPE) Heidi MacDonald joins Ka-Baam!!
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Heidi MacDonald, big-time professional comic book editor / accordion player / gadabout, has joined the cast of Ka-Baam!!, the greatest live, non-rodeo event on four continents!

MacDonald, currently the editor of Swamp Thing, Names of Magic, Big Book of Women and various other titles at DC/Vertigo, will join the regular Ka-Baam!! cast on March 27 for one night of "fun" at the expense of made-up superheroes everywhere.

Bring your art samples! Bring your scripts! Bring SOMETHING! Just get here and see what may be Heidi’s last Ka-Baam!! appearance ever!!

WHAT: Ka-Baam!! is a four-color improvisational sucker-punch in which the actors create superheroes, heroines, and villains based entirely on audience suggestions; bringing you the newest comic book sensations before your very eyes….YOUR…VERY …EYES!!!

WHO: The city’s brightest improvisers teamed up with actual comic book writers and artists!!

WHEN : Tuesdays at 8:00PM, March 13th- April 10th! (March 27 starring Heidi MacDonald!!)

WHERE: The Metropolitan Playhouse, 220 East 4th (between A and B), Subway: F to 2nd Avenue
Call (212) 995 5302 for reservations, tickets only $8!

Your host, Simperin' Steve, guides you through a maze of twists and turns in order to tell always "new", usually "harrowing", seldom "lengthy", and often "interesting" adventures of your favorite heroes and villains that you've never heard of before!! Terrific teams like Bagel Man and Jam Girl, heroines like Needle Nose, and vexing villains like that ever-lovin’ lawbreakin’ luddite, Dr. Amish!!
Ka-Baam!! It's exclamation point theatre!! See!!!
To get a taste, and more information go to:

Metropolitan Playhouse is the definitive producer of plays from America’s rich early theatrical history. In its ongoing effort to reinvigorate American plays from the past and to explore their resonance in world theatre, Metropolitan presents:
- American plays from the golden era of American Theatre before 1920--before film, tv, or radio, when theatre was king.
- New works rooted in the literature and history of America’s past
- Plays from around the world that complement and inform these core works
We are also committed to teaching the art of theatre through instruction in writing, directing, and acting; to engaging an ever-broadening audience through presentations of music, poetry, and spoken word; and to including our local community in the work of our intimate and elegant theatre on New York’s historic Lower East Side.
For more information Call (212) 995 8410 or Email

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#460400 - 03/09/01 10:15 AM Re: (HYPE) Heidi MacDonald joins Ka-Baam!!
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Originally posted by Steve Wacker:
...Bring your art samples! Bring your scripts! Bring SOMETHING....

I know I'm bringin' my belt sander!

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