This week, 4CR kicks off the first of a three-part interview with longtime Green Lantern artist, Darryl Banks. 4CR's initial installment covers Darryl's break-in work in comics, focusing mainly on Cyberpunk and The Justice Machine, and also touches on how Darryl got the GL gig, among other topics.

We also have an archived interview with writer Keith R.A. DeCandido, and what might possibly be an internet first - a columnist apologizes and admits to making incorrect statements! Check out the latest Analysis Paralysis to get a CORRECT breakdown of Canadian cover prices as compared to US prices, and further, see how poorly DC Comics stacks up to even the smallest of self-published comics, much less other large companies.

Of course, we also have our regular dosage of reviews, including Green Arrow, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Avengers and more - this week and every week at 4-Color Review !
-- steve gerding

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