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#460752 - 04/04/01 11:31 PM Re: Sim vs. Smith!
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Thank GOD they didn't patch it up! I was worried that this thread was going to END! Reading and writing to this thread is the only life I have any more-- we've got to keep it GOING!!!
Joe Zabel

#460753 - 04/18/01 02:34 AM Re: Sim vs. Smith!
mturyn Offline
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Originally posted by savage:
I have to reiterate from a different thread that Colleen is very sharp....but how am I ever going to get the image of Dave Sim in a trenchcoat and socks flashing everyone from the top of a tower out of my head?

Uhhh...with Dr Bronner's All-One-Faith Soap, of course. I think Dave's ranting at this point deserves a soap label of its own:

Dave Sim's All-Man-Faith
Publish! Publish! OK!
Deny sluts voids and mama's boys your essence to complete 300-issue cycle of truth-history-publishing venture!
Take comic, apply to mind, women repelled forever! Oh we creators have been remisss, failing to impress Moral Law into wives/sons/fecalickers sensitive nerve endings until their broke wrists turned limp!
1.)All girls who act like girls bad, all girls who don't worse! Exceptions eternal absolute none! O.K.!
2.)If I am not publishing myself, who am I for? If you are not for myself, who are you: woman or hand-up-bum cat-buggering dummy?!
3.)All one MAN can publish alone is all he SHOULD publish. Holy Market's eternal law PROVES that increased sales from "wife"'s support or ideas are quality diminished returns of one-world tax welfare scam, complete!
4.)Dilute comic with all-man-faith, expose to air, watch attention come. All right!

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#460754 - 04/18/01 05:24 AM Re: Sim vs. Smith!
jack Offline

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You forgot the "Don't get in the Eyes"!!!!!

#460755 - 04/18/01 07:44 AM Re: Sim vs. Smith!
Stephen R Bissette Offline

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"Dilute! DILUTE!!"

[If you don't get it, get thee to a shower stall with the good doctor's soap bottle at hand. Dilute! DILUTE!!!]

#460756 - 04/18/01 08:55 AM Re: Sim vs. Smith!
gene phillips Offline

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Otto wrote something peculiar about "my pushing the words around until they don't mean anything any more."

Well, I tend to call people on it when I think they've used words vaguely or incorrectly. Seems to me that would be ferreting out more precise meanings, but since I've no idea what Otto's talking about, I'll have to write the whole thing off as-- vague and incorrect.

#460757 - 04/18/01 11:00 AM Re: Sim vs. Smith!
mturyn Offline
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"Do get faith on genitals! All-One-Man-Faith strong, will make l'il dave stop bothering you!!"
"Dying alone-unloved-unmourned? All-One-Man will prove this proves you right in end, you stayed right in your end, to the End!"

"God keep our land, and all true men who create in it!"
"Glorious and free and untainted by unmen!"
"Oh, One-Man-Faith! We stand---en garde forever!--for Thee!!!"


(O.K., that's enough for the 16-oz size; my apologies to Canadians [and their fine assortment of chocolate bars, their OTC codeine, civilised health-care, and mostly un-Webstered spelling rules] for expropriating their national anthem, but Dr Bronner similarly marked-up Kipling's "If", a near-sacred text to men on his generation [really], and I couldn't resist.

Yes, it's silly to spend time parodying an odd cultural artifact like a cranky soap label or a Conan comic, but some good _can_ come of it....)

Oh, and I can't find it immediately, but I picked up at a garage sale a magazine-sized right-wing Canadian comic from around 1981---sub-"Chick Crusader" art, three stories (one featuring a Soul Sister to _prove_ they weren't bigots, another basically a Spirit rip-off set in the future), massive editorial ramblings about the Rockefellers at the back. Does this ring any bells?

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