April 1, 2001

After buying WCW from AOL Time Warner, what could Vince Mcmahon possibly want? His own comic book.

"Thanks to this purchase," said Vince. "I will finally be able to put out Vinnie Mac. The fans will love it."

The move came as a surprise to many who believed Chaos to be unpurchasable. "I don't believe it," said Joe Quesada. "But hey, more power to them I say. We'll crush them like bugs, but that's OK."

Brian Pulido said he made the move to gain more readers. "We've had a very good relationship with the WWF, so I thought this was the next logical step."

When asked if any Chaos characters would make their way to the ring, Brian would only say "Actually, I'm making my ring debut next week on Smackdown."

Vince was also non-commital on the issue, but said that many wrestlers will start writing Chaos books. "Mick Foley really wants a crack at Evil Ernie, and Ivory has indicated an interest in a Purgatory strip.

WWF will also start releasing it's own line of comics in the near future. "It will be part of our current publishing line," said McMahon. "The books will be bi-weekly to more easily follow the show storylines. It should start in mid- to late 2001."

Pulido's role will be the same and no books will be cancelled. "Books such as Jade are now going to be under an imprint caleld Chaos! Core. They will be the universe books. The WWF books will be a whole other side, and their will be cross-promotion."