It's ODDBALL COMICS MONTH at CBR, celebrating the first anniversary of the weekdaily feature. Starting Sunday and continuing through Friday, cartoonist Scott Shaw! and his funnybook friends present more of the craziest comic books ever published -- with Scott expounding on an a April Fool’s Day issue of ACTION COMICS (or is it?), Mark Evanier on Bizarro’s Las Vegas proposal to chrome-domed Lois Lane, Bill Morrison on the "maddest" issue ever of THE MARVEL FAMILY, "Coop" on DOOM PATROL's evil, croissant-loving, super-genius gorilla, Gail Simone on the oddest Oddball superhero of all time, and Mike Kazaleh on a birthday cake for a cannibal robot -- only in the strange-but-all-too-true daily feature, ODDBALL COMICS!

SCOTT "The Man Without Shame" SHAW!

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