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#462636 - 04/10/01 07:00 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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You know, Dave may be shocked by this, but I've known plenty of gay guys who were every bit as sexist as a straight male would be. Which is to say every bit as male.

Reality: far more complex than the human mind likes.

"Ever notice how men have to have a theory on everything?"--Peter Milligan.
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#462637 - 04/10/01 07:32 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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Lunch was delicious. (Panfried salmon leftovers.) So was CEREBUS.

Since Sim specifically authorizes anyone to reprint or post the entire 20-page essay, we're going to scan it in and post it on the Comics Journal website for everyone's delectation sometime this week. (This means you don't have to buy a copy of the issue if you don't want to.)

Reading closer, I can tell that Diana balked exactly at Sim's calling out of Jeff Smith. (A classy guy as usual, Sim printed her entire letter, complete with her personal e-mail address at the top.)

Among other things, Sim is upset because laws against domestic abuse prevent men from beating their wives, which he regards as a necessary and useful form of discipline (although he specifies that it should be on the buttocks and should leave no permanent marks). I bet you think I just made this up, don't you?

I'll post a url to the JOURNAL message board transcript when it's up.

PS: Since I know some poindexter is going to ask, "now wait, can you do that, did Sim REALLY say you can post the whole thing?"...

"I hereby waive all trademark and copyright considerations of the essay and authorize any and all individuals to reproduce the essay in any form, print, electronic or otherwise provided that the reproduction is of the complete work and not excerpts from it... Dave Sim, March 16, 2001."

#462638 - 04/10/01 08:07 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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The term "homosexualist" is sometimes used to refer to those, including heterosexuals, who promote or condone homosexuality. It's also sometimes used by strict grammarians who insist that "homosexual" should only be used as an adjective. I'm not sure which of these, if either, applies to Sim.

I look forward to the day when "Sim Tracts" are distributed by the faithful, and can be found on the floors of laundromats, phone booths and bus stations.
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#462639 - 04/10/01 08:23 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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Well, I know enough now to not want to give my money to Sim under any circumstances. I'm not sure, though, if I even want to slog through this at all. But thanks to Sim, Kim and Fantagraphics for the opportunity to do so gratis if I wish.

"How perfectly goddamn delightful it all is, to be sure." ~ Charles Crumb

#462640 - 04/10/01 08:33 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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How much you wanna bet Sim pulls a "Mishima" when he hits issue #300.

I can't wait for him to hijack a Canadian military installation and commit ritual suicide on the roof in front of the Canadian Mounted Police!

Just you wait...

Lomi Monet
Lomi Monet

#462641 - 04/10/01 08:33 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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Originally posted by Kim Thompson:
...Since I know some poindexter is going to ask....

Poindexter, Kim?

Is that nice?

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#462642 - 04/10/01 08:39 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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Originally posted by colleen:
Oh dear...


My sentiments exactly. This is ridiculous.........


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#462643 - 04/10/01 09:30 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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Sounds to me like Dave doesn't want anything to do with Mishima.

#462644 - 04/10/01 09:36 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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This is more fun than arguing about bad sales! Whee!
Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a viking!

#462645 - 04/10/01 10:21 PM Re: Dave Sim Tangents
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The irony of all this is that I've always assumed Sim was himself gay. Don't ask me why, but I just had the strange idea that he left Deni Loubert for Gerhard. But then again I've always paid near-zero attention to the man. I've always thought Cerebus is rubbish, and boring rubbish at that.

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