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#46281 - 04/06/00 01:31 AM Stan Lee & DC...let 'er rip

Check out the SPLASH page, kids..."The Man" givin' it up at the "Distinguished Competition"...been a long time since my fanboy bone's been tickled like this. I'm currently speechless. But I know y'all aren't. Discuss.

#46282 - 04/20/00 09:15 PM Re: Stan Lee & DC...let 'er rip
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A week after this announcement, a friend called me up to claim that the article in USA TODAY (Apr. 12) made it sound as though USA Today gave Lee credit for creating everything in the Marvel Universe, giving the usual short shrift to Jack Kirby.

For the record, the piece says very little about who created what; most of the time Lee is said to have "helped create" things. There's only one passage where I think Kirby's name should have been invoked, where it's stated that, "At Marvel, Lee continuously upped the ante from a megalomaniac who wanted to rule the world (Dr. Doom) to an alien who devoured worlds (Galactus) to a world that wanted to control all of existence (Ego)." Apart from the fact that I can't rememer if Ego ever did want to rule "all of existence," it should've been made clear that Kirby was the collaborator on these works.


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