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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of writer, artist Rance Turley, creator of "The Dick Profane Mysteries." Rance succumbed to a long battle with gout. The hard-drinking, chain-smoking former newspaperman refused to cut back on his daily intake of malt liquor and unfiltered cigarettes, remaining in seclusion, communicating only sporadically with a few close friends. "He was a profound storyteller with a totally awesome knack for extreme edginess," said Alan Dennis Ordung, editor of "Fanaction Continuum." "It's a shame he entered the comics field so late. I mean, like, just as it's poised for this, like, major resurgence that's inevitably going to happen eventually within a certain period of time now that, like, comic writers such as myself are finally, like, totally getting exactly the level of respect we freakin' deserve."

Turley was always careful not to reveal his true age, but he'd written for pulp magazines as early as 1945, and was well known in the film community as a ghost writer as early as 1954. "I'll miss collaborating with Rance," said Marty Baumann, who brought the exploits of Turley's alter ego, Dick Profane, to the internet. "But he simply wasn't a very nice man. I just did not care for him on a personal level. The few times we met in person to discuss the strip, he continually blew smoke in my face and spats bits of tobacco into his eggs. But there's no denying that talent. Rance could walk the walk and talk the walk and everything."

Turley was known as a taciturn editor who would take a blue pencil to language he deemed "not blue enough for our audience," according to one contributor. Among the magazines Turley edited throughout the 1960s and 70s were "He-Man," "Real Manly Tales," "All-True Real Man Stories" and "Men's Tales." The latter featured the first of his famous "Rance Rants" wherein he addressed topics ranging from parking tickets to the lack of quality kielbasa vendors in his part of town.

"We'll miss him," said Turley's assistant, Ivana Diamond. "I've not only lost a dear friend, I've lost a job." Said comics writer Ellis Moore McDavid, "Turley knew the fundamentals of storytelling from top to backward. And the guy's output is mind-staggering. I think people will remember his work for as long as they can." Even in sickness Turley remained prolific. "There are dozens of 'Rants' that were never published," says Baumann. "They may yet see the light of day. Rance would like that. In fact, he and his old friend, George Hamilton, are probably looking down on us right now." The remaining Dick Profane installments will appear as scheduled and the official website will be maintained for the time being by the Turley estate. According to Turley's wishes, internment was private.

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He was a legend in his own time!
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That sunnovabitch owed me ten bucks!

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How sad! Rance Turley was, truly, one of the masters of sequential art.

How many more episodes of "Dick Profane" do we have to look forward to?

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Does Frank Cho know of his passing?
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I wish I could say I'll miss Rance, but I can't.

I was planning on addressing our "feud" in the pages of Buzzboy sometime this year, but then my "publisher" warned that "readers" may not "like" a 4 page BB story, accompanied by a 22 page "rant" on my dealings with Mr. Turley.

So I will post my "views" here, as an epitaph to a brilliant, but "egotistical," and sometimes vicious man. This is not meant as disrespect, but "rather"... oh, I guess it is disrespect.

Rance Turley kicked my "dog." But only after accosting my wife, setting fire to our "downstairs" bathroom (all I can say is that cigarette ashes and grain alcohol were involved), and telling my "friends" about my third nipple. But this was not the worst of it.

While Rance was developing "Dick Profane," I allowed him to "stay" at my house for what was supposed to be a short "visit." He made himself at home, way too "much" at home. His verbal abuse was followed by drunken "sobbing," and then "finally," with me cleaning up around his limp, wheezing figure, snugly hugging the toilet.

Soon after "Rance" began to receive the massive amounts of money online comics always bring in, Rance took off, "leaving" behind massive amouints of garbage, and taking with him our "kitchen refrigerator."

His only "farewell," a message scrawled with magic marker on our freshly painted walls: "Sayanora, @!*%$@?!!"

Rance was a brilliant writer, "but" he was not a "good" man, as you can tell from his hard-edged writing at the "Rance Turley" website. I only hope he's gone to a place more forgiving than the "Gallagher household."

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