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Hey, cool! I see that Jordan Crane's Last Lonely Saturday got nods for Best New Graphic Album and Best Publication Design, which is great. I know nothing about the creator and discovered this book quite by accident and found it to be just wonderful, a gem, a pearl of a story, and am glad to see it recognized.
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here's the official release...

Eisner Nominations Highlight Diversity
By Jackie Estrada

A wide diversity of works--from a Japanese series about the campaign of an Asian American presidential candidate, to a collection of retold fairy tales, to an adaptation of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung--garnered the most nominations for the 13th annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.

The nominations, selected by a blue-ribbon judging panel, are for works published in 2000. Although DC Comics and its various imprints received the most nominations (some 26+), this year's nominees spread across a wide spectrum of publishers, with more than 28 companies represented. In particular, such mainstream book publishers as HarperCollins, Pantheon, Henry Holt, and Chronicle Books racked up an unprecedented 17 nominations. For HarperCollins, Little Lit, a beautifully produced collection of fairy tales edited by art spiegelman and Francoise Mouly, received 5 nominations, while the Michael Kupperman collection Snake 'n' Bacon Cartoon Cabaret netted two nominations. Chris Ware's critically acclaimed Jimmy Corrigan brought in three nominations for Pantheon, which also published Ben Katchor's Julius Knipl: The Beauty Supply District, a double nominee. Other mainstream-published nominees include Judd Winick's graphic novel Pedro and Me (Henry Holt) and Alison Bechdel's collection Post-Dykes to Watch Out For (Firebrand Books)

International works are also well represented on the list, with 4 nominations going to the Belgian graphic novel From Cloud 99-Memories by Yslaire (Humanoids Publishing), 4 to Kaiji Kawaguchi's series Eagle (Viz), 3 to the Canadian anthology Drawn & Quarterly, 2 to Dark Horse's reprints of the Japanese classic Lone Wolf & Cub, and 2 to the charming graphic novel Louis: Red Letter Day produced by Metaphrog, a Scottish couple. Other non-U.S. nominees include works by Canadian Michel Rabagliati, Croatian writer-artist team Darko Macan and Edvin Biukovic, Japanese master Katsuhiro Otomo, Spanish artist Max, and French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim-not to mention numerous British writers and artists.

Among DC Comics' top choices are the new Vertigo series Lucifer, with 5 nominations, and Alan Moore's ABC series Promethea, with 5 nominations (including Moore, nominated for Best Writer for all his ABC titles). Multiple nominations also went to 100 Bullets (Vertigo) and The Authority (Wildstorm), with 3 each.

In addition to Lone Wolf and Cub, two Dark Horse titles grabbed multiple nominations: P. Craig Russell's Ring of the Nibelung with 4, and Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey, with 3 1/2.

Chris Ware once again brought several nominations for Fantagraphics Books: 3 for Acme Novelty Library. Joe Sacco's Safe Area Gorazge received 2 nominations for Fantagraphics, which received approximately 10 nominations (several were shared with other companies).

Image Comics had its best showing ever, with 8 1/2 nominations, including 3 for Christian Gossett's series The Red Star, 2 1/2 for Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's Powers, and 2 for Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze. Bendis also received 2 nominations for his Oni miniseries Fortune & Glory.

Other companies with multiple nominations include Drawn & Quarterly (8), Top Shelf (6), Oni (5 1/2), Sirius (4), TwoMorrows (3), and Red Ink (2).

Individual creators with the most nominations are Ware (5); Bendis, Kawaguchi, Millionaire, Moore, Yslaire, and Mike Carey (4 each); Pete Sickman-Garner, J. H. Williams III , and Gossett (3 each): and several with 2 each: Bechdel, Katchor, Kupperman, Russell, Sacco, Shanower, Winick, Garth Ennis, Jay Hosler, Jason Lutes, Jill Thompson, and Jordan Crane.

A complete list of all the nominations is included at the end of this release.
The judging panel chose to drop two categories from this year's ballot: Best Comics-Related Periodical and Best Comics-Related Product/Item.

This year's judges were writer/editor Anina Bennett (Heartbreakers), Sequential Tart Features Editor Karon Flage, retailer Ralph Mathieu (Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas), Diamond Comics product manager Chris Schaff, and journalist Douglas Wolk (Publishers Weekly).

Ballots will be going out in early May to some 5,000 comics publishers, creators, and retailers. The results will be announced in a gala awards ceremony at Comic-Con: International: San Diego on the night of Friday, July 20 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The major sponsor for this year's awards is The principal sponsors are Diamond Comic Distributors and Quebecor Printing. The supporting sponsors include Alternate Realities, Atlantis Fantasyworld, Cold Cut Distribution, Comic Relief Berkeley, Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff, and UncommonCon. Mel Thompson and Associates will tabulate the votes.

The Eisner Awards are presented under the auspices of Comic-Con International, San Diego, a nonprofit corporation devoted to promoting comics and related popular arts. Jackie Estrada has been administrator of the Awards since 1990.

Eisner Award Nominees, 2000

Best Short Story
"The Fisherman and the Sea Princess," by David Mazzucchelli, in Little Lit (HarperCollins)
"The Gorilla Suit," by Sergio AragonÈs, in Streetwise (TwoMorrows)
"Monsieur Jean," by Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian, in Drawn & Quarterly, vol. 3 (Drawn & Quarterly)
"A Prayer to the Sun," by Edvin Biukovic and Darko Macan, in Weird War Tales Special (Vertigo/DC)
"Prince Rooster," by art spiegelman, in Little Lit (HarperCollins)

Best Single Issue
Finder #19: "Talisman," by Carla Speed McNeil (Lightspeed Press)
Hey Mister: The Trouble with Jesus, by Pete Sickman-Garner (Top Shelf)
Lucifer #4: "Born with the Dead," by Mike Carey, Warren Pleece, and Dean Ormston (Vertigo/DC)
Paul in the Country, by Michel Rabagliati (Drawn & Quarterly)
Promethea #10: "Sex, Stars, and Serpents," by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III, and Mick Gray (ABC)
Sock Monkey vol. 3 #2, by Tony Millionaire (Dark Horse Maverick)

Best Serialized Story
The Authority #13-16: "The Nativity," by Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, and Trevor Scott (Wildstorm/DC)
Lucifer #5-7: "The House of Windowless Rooms," by Mike Carey, Peter Gross, and Ryan Kelly (Vertigo/DC)
100 Bullets #15-18 : "Hang Up on the Hang Low," by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Rizzo (Vertigo/DC)
Preacher #59-66 : "Alamo," by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (Vertigo/DC)
The Red Star #1-4: "The Battle of Kar Dathra's Gate," by Christian Gossett and Team Red Star (Image)

Best Continuing Series
Age of Bronze, by Eric Shanower (Image)
Berlin, by Jason Lutes (Drawn & Quarterly)
Eagle, by Kaiji Kawaguchi (Viz)
Promethea, by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III, and Mick Gray (ABC)
Top 10, by Alan Moore, Gene Ha, and Zander Cannon (ABC)

Best Limited Series
Blue Monday: The Kids Are Alright, by Chynna Clugston-Major (Oni)
Breakfast After Noon, by Andi Watson (Oni)
Fortune & Glory, by Brian Michael Bendis (Oni)
The Ring of the Nibelung, by P. Craig Russell, with Patrick Mason (Dark Horse Maverick)
Sock Monkey, vol. 3, by Tony Millionaire (Dark Horse Maverick)

Best New Series
Eagle, by Kaiji Kawaguchi (Viz)
Lucifer, by Mike Carey and others (Vertigo/DC)
Powers, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming (Image)
The Red Star, by Christian Gossett and Team Red Star (Image)

Best Title for a Younger Audience
Akiko, by Mark Crilley (Sirius)
Clan Apis trade paperback, by Jay Hosler (Active Synapse)
Little Lit, edited by art spiegelman and Francoise Mouly (HarperCollins)
Louis: Red Letter Day, by Metaphrog (Metaphrog)
Scary Godmother: The Boo Flu, by Jill Thompson (Sirius)

Best Humor Publication
Fortune & Glory, by Brian Michael Bendis (Oni)
Hey Mister: The Trouble with Jesus, by Pete Sickman-Garner (Top Shelf)
Post-Dykes to Watch Out For, by Alison Bechdel (Firebrand Books)
Snake 'n' Bacon Cartoon Cabaret, by Michael Kupperman (HarperCollins)
Sock Monkey, vol. 3, by Tony Millionaire (Dark Horse Maverick)

Best Anthology
Drawn & Quarterly, vol. 3, edited by Chris Oliveros (Drawn & Quarterly)
Expo 2000, edited by Tom Devlin and others (The Expo)
Little Lit, edited by art spiegelman and Francoise Mouly (HarperCollins)
Strapazin: Bubbles 'n' Boxes and Beyond, edited by Patrizia Crivelli and others (Swiss Institute of New York/Swiss Federal Office of Culture)
Streetwise, edited by Jon B. Cooke and John Morrow (TwoMorrows)

Best Graphic Album--New
From Cloud 99-Memories, Part I, by Yslaire (Humanoids)
Last Lonely Saturday, by Jordan Crane (Red Ink)
Louis: Red Letter Day, by Metaphrog (Metaphrog)
Pedro and Me, by Judd Winick (Henry Holt)
Safe Area Gorazde, by Joe Sacco

Best Graphic Album-Reprint
Clan Apis, by Jay Hosler (Active Synapse)
The Collected Hutch Owen, vol, 1, by Tom Hart (Top Shelf)
Dear Julia, by Brian Biggs (Top Shelf)
Jimmy Corrigan, by Chris Ware (Pantheon)
Julius Knipl: The Beauty Supply District, by Ben Katchor (Pantheon)
Mirror, Window, by Jessica Abel (Fantagraphics)

Best Archival Collection/Project
"Gasoline Alley," by Frank King, in Drawn & Quarterly, vol. 3 (Drawn & Quarterly)
Lone Wolf and Cub, by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima (Dark Horse)
Plastic Man Archives, vol. 2, by Jack Cole (DC)
Playboy's Little Annie Fanny, by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder (Dark Horse)
The Spirit Archives, vols. 1 and 2, by Will Eisner (DC)

Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material
Akira, Book One, by Katsuhiro Otomo (Dark Horse)
Eagle, by Kaiji Kawaguchi (Viz)
The Extended Dream of Mr. D, by Max (Drawn & Quarterly)
From Cloud 99-Memories, Part I, by Yslaire (Humanoids)
Lone Wolf and Cub, by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima (Dark Horse)
The Nimrod, by Lewis Trondheim (Fantagraphics)

Best Writer
Brian Michael Bendis, Powers (Image), Fortune and Glory (Oni), Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel)
Mike Carey, Lucifer (Vertigo/DC)
Garth Ennis, Preacher (Vertigo/DC)
Mark Millar, The Authority (Wildstorm/DC), Ultimate X-Men (Marvel)
Alan Moore, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Promethea, Tom Strong, Top Ten, Tomorrow Stories (ABC)

Best Writer/Artist
Kaiji Kawaguchi, Eagle (Viz)
Jason Lutes, Berlin (Drawn & Quarterly)
Joe Sacco, Safe Area: Gorazde (Fantagraphics)
Eric Shanower, Age of Bronze (Image)
Yslaire, From Cloud 99-Memories, Part I (Humanoids)

Best Writer/Artist--Humor
Alison Bechdel, Post-Dykes to Watch Out For (Firebrand)
Ben Katchor, Julius Knipl: The Beauty Supply District (Pantheon)
Michael Kupperman, Snake 'n' Bacon Cartoon Cabaret (HarperCollins)
Tony Millionaire, Maakies (Fantagraphics), Sock Monkey (Dark Horse Maverick)
Pete Sickman-Garner, Hey, Mister (Top Shelf)
Judd Winick, The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, 2.0 (Oni)

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team
Michael Avon Oeming, Powers (Image)
Frank Quitely/Trevor Scott, The Authority (Wildstorm/DC)
Eduardo Risso, 100 Bullets (Vertigo/DC)
P. Craig Russell, Ring of the Nibelung (Dark Horse Maverick)
J. H. Williams III/Mick Gray, Promethea (ABC)

Best Painter /Multimedia Artist (interior art)
Christian Gossett and Team Red Star, The Red Star (Image)
David Mack, Kabuki #9 (Image)
George Pratt, Batman: Harvest Breed (DC)
Jill Thompson, Scary Godmother (Sirius)
Charles Vess, Rose #1 (Cartoon Books)
Yslaire, From Cloud 99-Memories, Part I (Humanoids)

Best Coloring
Jeromy Cox, Promethea (ABC)
Lovern Kindzierski, Ring of the Nibelung (Dark Horse Maverick)
Patricia Mulvihill, 100 Bullets (Vertigo/DC), Nightwing (DC)
Lynn Varley, Sin City: Hell and Back (Dark Horse Maverick)
Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library #14 (Fantagraphics)

Best Lettering
Todd Klein, Promethea, Tom Strong, Tomorrow Stories, Top 10 (ABC); The Invisibles, The Dreaming (Vertigo/DC); Castle Waiting (Cartoon Books)
Galen Showman, Ring of the Nibelung (Dark Horse Maverick)
Dave Sim, Cerebus (Aardvark-Vanaheim)
Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics)

Best Cover Artist
Brian Bolland, Batman: Gotham Knights, The Flash (DC); The Invisibles (Vertigo/DC)
Duncan Fegredo, Lucifer (Vertigo/DC)
Phil Hale, Swamp Thing, Vertigo Secret Files, Flinch #11 (Vertigo/DC)
Dave Johnson, Detective Comics (DC), 100 Bullets (Vertigo/DC)
Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics), Jimmy Corrigan (Pantheon), Drawn & Quarterly vol. 3 (Drawn & Quarterly)

Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition
J. Bone (artist, Allison Dare; Solar Stella)
Mike Brennan (Electric Girl)
Catherine Doherty (Can of Worms)
Scott Mills (Big Clay Pot)
Alex Robinson (Box Office Poison)
Mark Smylie (Artesia)

Best Comics-Related Book
Comic Book Artist Collection, vol. 1, edited by Jon B. Cooke (TwoMorrows)
Comic Book Culture: An Illustrated History, by Ron Goulart (Collectors Press)
50 Years of Happiness: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz, by Derrick Bang, with Victor Lee (Peanuts Collectors Club)
Tales of Terror!/The EC Comics Companion, by Fred von Bernewitz and Grant Geissman (Fantagraphics/Gemstone)
Wonder Woman: The Complete History, by Les Daniels (Chronicle Books)

Best Publication Design
Drawn & Quarterly, vol. 3, designed by Chris Oliveros (Drawn & Quarterly)
Jimmy Corrigan, designed by Chris Ware (Pantheon)
The Last Lonely Saturday, designed by Jordan Crane (Red Ink)
Little Lit, designed by Chip Kidd and art spiegelman (HarperCollins)
Wonder Woman: The Complete History, designed by Chip Kidd (Chronicle Books)

Hall of Fame
Judges' Choices (will be automatically inducted: Dale Messick, Roy Crane
(voters will choose four from the following nominees)
Gene Colan
Reed Crandall
Dan De Carlo
Will Elder
RenÈ Goscinny and Albert Udurzo
Chester Gould
Frank King
Bernie Krigstein
John Romita
E. C. Segar
Marie Severin
John Stanley
Osamu Tezuka

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