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#466232 - 05/28/01 11:30 AM .........and what of X-MEN 2 & Spidey?
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Say, another question about the future.
The latter half of this year is looking very dark for Marvel comics.

IF Marvel goes under.....
What becomes of the two big films?
Spider-Man is currently filming and due for release next year. (And isn't this a kick in 'da pants? It should have been out several years ago but it was OTHER legalities that prevented James Cameron from filming it...and now that Spidey is finally on his feet will he ever make it to the screen anyway?)
X-MEN 2 Thanks to the HUGE success of the first film, this one is in the writing stages and due to film by the end of THIS year.
FINALLY we fans get a couple of films that
we can be proud of and it looks like CITIBANK
might end up with the rights!!
As this news unfolds, now more then ever the fans should pray that there really are super-heroes out there who will swoop down out of the sky and give us the kind of happy ending we've been reading for the last forty years.......
But then, this IS reality isn't it?
More's the pity my friends, more's the pity.

#466233 - 05/28/01 01:53 PM Re: .........and what of X-MEN 2 & Spidey?
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Sorry friend, it may make great gloom and doom talk but both the Spidey and X-Men movies are well on their way. CitiBank can't touch either film since both properties were sold out-right to the studios.

#466234 - 05/28/01 03:04 PM Re: .........and what of X-MEN 2 & Spidey?
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I'm pretty sure we would have heard if both properties were sold "out-right" to movie studios (which obviously isn't the case since Marvel is still publishing both X-Men and Spiderman comics), though you can be sure that the film rights are securely in the hands of each studio. If Marvel Comics finally shuts its doors in the next little while, I'm certain it won't affect either film.
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#466235 - 05/31/01 09:54 PM Re: .........and what of X-MEN 2 & Spidey?
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But where would the money go?
If This Be... PayPal!!!

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#466236 - 06/01/01 12:29 AM Re: .........and what of X-MEN 2 & Spidey?
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I'm of the belief that all the Citibank contract does is transfer the rights, but not the current valid contracts for licensing.

And remember, Marvel's spreadsheet has posted a massive loss for licensing!!

Anyway, the valid contracts, like for the movie(s) would have money going to Marvel, and it would no matter what. Until all of Marvel declares some form of bankruptcy (again), Marvel's acct's receivables would continue to function normally. The default of the Citibank loan(s) wouldn't be like the bankruptcy some folks are picturing.

It's the change in acct's payables that might dictate near term events...

In the event that Marvel does decide to declare bankruptcy, THEN that marker for the character rights comes in handy.