Just as heís about to begin a national promotion tour for his forthcoming novel, AMERICAN GODS (which you can order from our store for less than Amazonís price!), Neil Gaiman completes his two-part chat with Howard Price. Stop by and get the latest word on the doings (including the whole MIRACLEMAN mess) of the Master of the Gothic Mythical from the man himself.

Meanwhile, Chicago writer and comic aficionado Jason Pettus takes us on a tour of the bacchanal that is the Book Expo America. See the nationís largest publishing event from the perspective of the man who presented the Firecracker Alternative Book Award in the Graphic Novel category and get a sense of how some of comicdomís favorite creators and publishers comported themselves in what sounds seems to have been something of a watershed year for comics.

For fans of Anime, this coming July has got to be exciting as the remastered edition of AKIRA will be released. Check out C.J. Hendersonís review and pre-order yourself a copy of the video or DVD at our usual generous price.

ALSO, if you havenít done so already, donít forget to check the Firecracker Alternative Book Awards page and see who got themselves a Firecracker. The FABs celebrate alternative publishing by giving awards in categories as varied as Fiction and Graphic Novels, Poetry and Zines.

See íya there! -p
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