Since Matt Madden is a member of the Comix Decode Collective that put on last week’s Comix Decode reading, and since this week’s Feature article is about the Decode, AND since last week’s interview with Madden has engendered such an enthusiastic response, we’ve left this interview in place from last week. Check it out and get some insight into how Madden weaves his stories and what his experimentation with plot and form is all about.

Meanwhile, last week New Yorkers were treated to an unique comic book event, the Comix Decode. This was a comic book reading wherein Jessica Abel, Evan Dorkin, Dean Haspiel, Matt Madden, and Paul Pope all read from their work and discussed not only things like creative process and technique, but the intentions and ideas that inspire them. Your Humble Editor was on hand and gives the background to the Decode, and details from that night’s happening.

And, of course, don’t forget about the ongoing sneak-peek at James Sturm’s THE GOLEM’S MIGHTY SWING.

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See ya there! -p

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