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#470679 - 07/13/01 09:07 AM bookstores
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Here is a bit of GOOD news! Waldenbooks sent out a flyer stating that for the 1st time ever comics broke the top five of its magazine categories! Emphasis on 1st! I can only attribute this to Marvels new directions but if anybody else has any ideas...

#470680 - 07/13/01 03:16 PM Re: bookstores
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I'll admit the Waldenbooks was the only place I could find X-Force #116, so that's where I picked it up. I'm not sure I've ever bought comics from them before.

Doug Tonks

#470681 - 07/14/01 01:39 AM Re: bookstores
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Bookstores like Waldenbooks which display comics in a comics rack always tend to catch my attention. And, more so than the comics store, where I generally go in knowing what I want to look at and possibly buy, it's the place where I'd do my impulse comics buying (and by that I actually do mean Impulse -- which I'll buy from time to time).

Places like K-Mart, which just tosses them in a wall rack, and Barnes & Noble (which I have seen carry Dark Horse comics on occasion but never a DC, Marvel, etc.), who mixes them in with the magazines, the comics get ruined, and I tend to not even look at them.

And, ya' know, something like that does change the attitude of a consumer. Think about it: I see some comics on a rack, I think, Oh, what mighty nice comics! I think I will buy one! (yes, I always think like Homer Simpson). I pick up one or two and then grab some books along the way.

If I'm pissed off because the comic I was gonna grab ends up having the back cover folded in half because no one takes care of the section, I'll probably be in a different mood won't I? Amd. thus, not buy as much.

Am I rambling?

Anyway, it's a theory. Later.

--Keith Planit
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