The United Fanzine Organization (UFO) has just released their 2001 All-Comics Annual. This 48 page black-and-white digest features work by over a dozen of the talented members of the UFO co-op. Behind the action-packed cover by David Hedgecock and Terry Flippo, you'll find some of the best the amateur press has to offer, including:

David Hedgecock & Mike Hall ("Dr. Bones & The Skeleton Crew")
Michael T. Desing ("Army Ants")
Jeremy Johnson ("Great Scott")
Jim Coon ("Dead End")
James West ("Wall Around Asgard")
Tony Lorenz ("Futuro Tierra")
Brent Erwin and Johnny Gonzales ("Jack Speed and Jane Swift")
Terry Flippo ("Axel & Alex")
Bill Mallory ("Yers Trooly And The Cockroach")
Bob Elinskas and J. Kevin Carrier ("Mr. Midnite and Lady Spectra & Sparky")

To order the UFO 2001 All-Comics Annual, send $2.50 to Bob Elinskas, 1805 Girard St., Utica, NY 13501 (make checks out to "Bob Elinskas"). For more information on the United Fanzine Organization, you can email Chairman Bob Elinskas at, or visit the UFO web site at:

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