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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Sean McKeever, a comic-book writer best known for my creator-owned series, THE WAITING PLACE, and my current run on Marvel's THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Drop by http://www.seanmckeever.com for more information, or follow the links below.

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THE INCREDIBLE HULK no. 30 in stores now!

Spiral Staircase, part 1
As the ALS-ravaged body of Bruce Banner calls it quits, visions of an abandoned desert mine bombard his psyche. Is it his salvation...or is it a trap?

Randy Lander of Snap Judgments says:
"Sean McKeever is an untapped talent in the mainstream market, and while I'm sure Bruce Jones will be an interesting writer for the Hulk, I can't help being disappointed that McKeever wasn't tapped for the ongoing writer spot. Especially after reading this issue, which is a nice continuation (and ending?) of the story that Jenkins began with his run, exploring the monster
inside Banner in more detail and featuring some heart-breaking developments in Banner's story, as well as the intriguing return of an old villain."

co-plotted by Paul Jenkins with art by Joe Bennett http://www.seanmckeever.com/comics.cfm?comic=2 http://www.marvel.com

THE WAITING PLACE no. 11 in Previews now!

Intrusions, part 3
Scott can't wait to get out of Northern Plains. He's ready to pack up and head off to Hollywood, where a better life awaits him. So what's stopping him? Plus, Cullen confronts his brother and Jeffry and Lora come to a decision about their relationship. Also in this issue: part three of the introspective sci-fi drama, TOWER, with art by EMPTY ZONE's Jason Alexander.

Famed writer Warren Ellis says:
"If THE WAITING PLACE were on TV, you'd be dropping everything to catch it. If it were on the radio, then you'd actually use the radio you own. If it were a book, you'd be sick of hearing about it by now. But it's a comic. A very intelligent, perceptive comic about being trapped in a small place that you've already outgrown but cannot yet get away from. Might not ever get
away from. It's as clever as Northern Exposure wanted to be and sharper than Dawson's Creek could ever hope to be."

art by Mike Norton; back cover by Adam Shaw

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