While the Comic Shop News website was one of the first comics sites online (running continuously since 1994), the content has always been just a fraction of what readers get from the print edition of CSN. To be honest, the editors feel that the paper works best as just that, a newspaper. The internet is great, but you can't take it with you and read it anywhere like with a print version. However, there are some things that can be done online that can't be done in the paper. For some time, the site has featured Media Watch, which trolls news sources across the web for comics related stories. It is updated weekly and has just added a way that you can do a quick search of the latest comics-related news.

CSN is pleased to announce another web-exclusive feature, CSN News Central. Most readers of CSN probably assume that most of the stories they read come from press releases. However, with the exception of the "Upcoming Comics" type stories that are culled from the monthly solicitations, surprisingly little of the other news in CSN comes from press releases. The crack news team at CSN actually generates most of the rest of the news on their own, contacting creators and editors to confirm rumors they're heard. Most news stories run in CSN each week are exclusive to the paper that readers won't see elsewhere. Unfortunately, the space left to run the many press releases that do come in each week is often very limited. The editors at CSN have long sought a way to facilitate sharing this news to the over 75,000 folks who read CSN each week. Now that can be at CSN News Central.

CSN News Central is open to any publisher (or other supplier) that sells through comic shops to post all their latest press releases of upcoming releases. This will be a centralized location where readers can go to get all this news and art that we may have only been able to mention briefly in the pages of CSN.

Publishers interested in participating in this free service can contact Ward Batty at wardo@mindspring.com.

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