I recently submitted a proposal for a series to a major comic book label. The editors who reviewed the proposal liked the concept but have not given an official greenlight. I am looking for an artist that can help me push the concept from the maybe pile into the definite yes pile.
The concept involves completely new characters and would be a creator owned series. The basics of the deal are that until the series is picked up by a publisher I can pay nothing. However, I am willing to share creative ownership. I have crude sketches of the characters but I really need a pro-artist to bring them to life. If a publisher picks up the series then we will both be directly paid by the publisher.
If you are an artist looking to break into comics, then please email me at admin@majesticsquadron.com. If you have a web site that displays your artwork, then please email me a link. Based on the feedback that I have gotten from some professional editors there is a very real chance this series will see publication, but like always in life there are no guarantees.