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#473877 - 09/06/01 12:21 AM Rate Joe Quesada work as EIC at marvel
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I think the guy is great...

he is a big risk taker..i like that...marvel is experimenting and coming out of an old mold that was used.

the only thing i can say that is bad about his work is trying to redo old caracters like elektra and fury again....

Please Joe these caracters are one buys the books...they have had so many series we can't count anymore and no one cares....well maybe just a few.

Instead are refurbishing the past why not try some new caracters...steal imprints....from other got connections you can do it....

how about a line where creators can come and publish their stuff under mini series that many folks do at image... or dark would surely enrich marvel and create some hype....imagine battlechasers at marvel....i know that aint gonna happen....

but you the man!!! you can make things happen!

many new talents want to get known but can't get a break... so why not give those who are talented enuff a break by publishing their stuff under the marvel mess lawsuits no contracts that give the caracters to marvel...just a place where new talent can express themselves while feeling being in the big league....

marvel has the push for that...and if they don't wanna shaft anybody...that concept could help marvel a lot...

my 2 cents on that...

oh an don't raise the will kill the industry in the long run...

otherwise Big Joe Q is doing a damn good job!!!!!

He gets whats he wants and give us what we want...action MARVEL style!!!!!

#473878 - 09/06/01 04:24 AM Re: Rate Joe Quesada work as EIC at marvel
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Rate Joe Q? Mmm, 7 out of 10. And that`s excellent considering i rate the Dc guys a 2 out of 10.

Seriously, i feel that Joe has done miracles in the confine of a conservative readership and a troubled company financialy. What is sometimes hard to figure out, and seem that Joe may take weird decisions, is that his job is to sell comics with every means necessary. For instance, at first i was put-off by the over-print policy, but the practice of having reserves by the publisher was costing Marvel a lot of moneys. And what do you know, you have retailers who order more and selling more comics i bet.

As a reader, i love the fact that he have come-up with this Maxx line, a place to go to for more noir periodicals. Guns, guns, guns! The decision that has been made by bringing the very best creators, especialy bold creators, is something that i personaly have hoped for for a long time. I mean Morrison, Allred, Grell...isn`t it great or what?

Additionaly, for many, the Marvel universe`s continuity was such a mess, that the slight interest they might have had to try a Marvel book was discarded. That`s where the Ultimate line come into play. A reintroduction to this universe. I heard that new readers wouldn`t come near a comic so why bother? Who said new readers meant non-comic readers? I`v seen message boards filled with people who only read Vertigo, and independant material, but have tried Ultimate X-men, because it`s more pure as concept without the continuity prison. And because it`s Millar too.

However what Joe did that was so simple but is at the heart of what trully matters: giving the creators total creative freedom. That, more than anything else will speak volume of Joe`s contrebution to comics when he will be an old man.

Droping the code is another good step into getting comics out of that dinosaur way of publishing.

Plus, the characters stay dead, no pointless crossover, no gimmik covers. Finaly! Three things that have hurt the validity of the super-hero stories for way too long now.

So why doesn`t he get a perfect 10? The little things. Every time i see Elektra alive, sold like Ronald Mcdonald, my stomac turns; Marvel has a great library of characters, but for whatever reasons, several characters still don`t have their books out like Silver surfer, Doctor Strange, Namor. They`ve never been good sellers? Well Joe, show the world that you can do it (for a while even Inhumans was a good-seller for God`s sake!); If you have to have a mature line, it`s cool, but why cram it with nobodies? I can`t stand rip-offs/spin-offs like the blond Black widow and War machine, just get the far cooler, sexier original Black widow, and if you want an armored character who`s not Ironman, well Guardsman will be better; Witchs. The bad girls phase was the worst thing that happened to comics, we don`t need that to come back; I don`t like the way Joe promote Marvel`s new material, he sounds like an annoying circus ring-leader (the spirit of Stan Lee?); the X-men line is still as ridiculous as it was. New X-men seems o.k. after three issues, and X-force is excellent, but the rest got to go; the comic code was droped, and Marvel censors books. So why drop the code in the first place? You want p.c.? You want stupidity? From now on, the characters can`t smoke! Yep, even Wolvie.

Ouf! That was longer than i thought. But these little matters can be fixed any day. And it`s not such a big deal if you think about it. Overall, Joe Quasada`s first year as Editor-in-chef was phenomenal. Although, i`m not behind the scene, so i don`t know much if all of this was Joe`s doing or Bill Jemas, or both.

I might add, what has impressed me most about Joe is his closeness to the fans. I`ve never seen somebody with such an important job actualy taking the time to respond to people without any interferences. "I`m there, shoot". Wow! He`s a better man than i am, most of the times i want to strangle everybody that is on the message boards. A class act.
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