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#474049 - 09/11/01 12:43 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
Tim Gagne Offline

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It seems to be quieting but we are shutting down for the day. We are just outside of Chicago and there is plenty of shock and fear. Malls and any large buildings, any place where people may gather are closing. Not sure if this is country wide, but I will be waiting to be with my wife and son shortly not knowing where this will go.

My co. has/had offices in the WTC and we just received word "many of the employees are safe", so that is at least a blessing, but the word many leaves the door for tragic loss open. I pray that many more people survived. Nothing will ever be the same.

#474050 - 09/11/01 12:51 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
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Today: The New York Sky Line is two buildings less. My Heart goes out to those in need of it.

#474051 - 09/11/01 12:55 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
jack Offline

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Just listening to a press conference from the Taliban in Tehran deploring and distancing themselves the attack.

I'd say all Arabs are going to be on their best behavior after this, diplomatically I mean.

I wonder if the asshole who masterminded this has the guts to claim responsibility.

Because of the Trade Towers it has Bin Laden all over it.

#474052 - 09/11/01 01:21 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
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Believe me guys when i say that when America is attacked, it`s the whole occident that is attacked. We`ll fight for you and with you to the end (Anyway, i hope my goverment does).

My sympathy, from Québec
KLIQ 4-Life!

#474053 - 09/11/01 01:34 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
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One of the things I think we all need to do is avoid a rush to judgement in placing blame for this incident. As distasteful as the Palestinian celebrations are, they aren't an acknowledgement of participation, nor are those people celebrating the disgusting events of the day equivalent in guilt to the actual perpetrators of the unspeakable actions.

I desperately hope that the evil responsible for these actions reveal themselves, but I also hope that the wrong parties aren't punished for acts that they didn't perpetrate nor were aware or a part of.

Let's never lose sight of the fact that we can't let the abominations of others be an excuse for abominations of our own. Let's pull together to clean up the damage, find the actual perpetrators, and maintain the moral principles that the United States strives to fulfill.

God bless America and God bless all innocents.

#474054 - 09/11/01 01:37 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
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My above post was based on nothing posted here, but because of an anti-Arab rage that I've been hearing from co-workers and people on the street. I applaud and appreciate the civility on this site.

#474055 - 09/11/01 01:38 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
Samuel Catalino Offline

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I concur with Jack. This has Laden over it, if one sees his video made in June 20, it has all the earmarks of this attack.

By the way, the rumor I have heard about the plane that crashed in Pittsburgh was shot down by fighters...A person on that plane reported the plane hijacked on their cell phone. The plane was headed for DC..

We are at WAR....
"If we lose a hundred troops a week, then Dean will be our next Prez." Jack V, avid Dean supporter with no concern for the troops.

#474056 - 09/11/01 02:06 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
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[QUOTE]How is it that ONE plane can be hijacked in this day and age, let alone four?
I mean, what the fuck?[/QUOUTE]

Which begs the chilling question: how many other hijackings were attempted today, but didn't come off as planned?

#474057 - 09/11/01 02:16 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
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I just recieved an email from Joe Queseda and the Marvel Offices saying that everyone is ok. Which is a relief.

Over on Newsarama they have reported that everyone at DC is ok also.

Get 'em GWB, get 'im!
I'm right behind ya'!

Marc Deering
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#474058 - 09/11/01 02:16 PM Re: Go watch the news, right now.
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Originally posted by JE Smith:
Scarier still is the idea that these planes may have been carrying something even nastier -- say anthrax or ebola. What better reason to hit the hightest point in NYC than to go for maximum dispersal? Something like that would not be immediately apparent, but would be a much wider strike for a terrorist attack. It's not a good day to be in the Big Apple in any event.

Who ever did this, they are some seriously cowardly motherfuckers.

Fortunately, at least SO FAR, the authorities have yet to detect any chemical agents in the air in regards to those sorts of biological weapons.

One positive thing out of all this chaos.

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