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#474727 - 09/12/01 02:20 AM UNBELIEVABLE BARBARITY
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Excerpted from

Once in the air, the hijackers in one plane began killing flight attendants in order to lure a pilot from the cockpit and seize the plane, said one source.

``They started killing stewardesses in the back of the plane as a diversion. The pilot came back to help and that is how they got into the cockpit,'' said the source. The source could not specify whether those events took place on the American Airlines flight that left Logan, or the United Airlines flight. Both planes were plunged into the World Trade Center roughly an hour after they departed Boston.

``People were calling from the plane saying they were getting killed, calling 911,'' said one source. ``One stewardess called her husband to say goodbye.''

Authorities were led to the rental car by a civilian who got into an altercation with several Arab men as they were parking their car, identified by sources as a Mitsubishi sedan.

``One of the pilots keyed their mike so the conversation between the pilot and the person in the cockpit could be heard,'' an unamed controller told the paper. ``The person in the cockpit was speaking English. He was saying something like, `Don't do anything foolish. You're not going to get hurt.' ''


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It is really hard to put words down as to how I feel. I am sad and angry. And this whole thing scares me.

What good would a missle defense shield do in a situation like this? I'm more worried about a nuke on a pickup truck versus an ICBM. Especially living 20 miles away from the Nation's Capital.

I'm especially worried that We can't get back to normal. There is a slim line between defending your freedoms and giving them up. I don't want it to be the norm to see F-16's patrolling or have the Armed Forces on every street corner.

My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families. Along with donating privately, I will buy any comics where profits will go to aid for the WTC and Pentagon disaster.

My God. The TV just said 10 to 20 thousand people are estimated to be in the WTC when it collapsed. "Superman, where are you now?"
(from a Phil Collins tune, I think).

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Bill Crupe