***Can’t Keep a Good Medium Down***
Because of the challenges presented by last week's horrific events we were a bit late in getting our new content up last week. However, it's up now and in the next few weeks we'll be focusing on the alternative press with a three-part interview with Mssrs. Groth and Thompson and a report from the amazing SP-Xiles mini-con that took place this past Sunday in Brooklyn, NY.

But that's what you've got to look foward to. Right now we offer you the following...
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***This Week’s Interview***
Sasa Rakezic (aka Aleksandar Zograf) brings us the first of his three-part interview with Gary Groth and Kim Thompson, whose publishing efforts have provided us with the rich, vibrant alternative comix scene we know today. Fantagraphics has published everyone from R. Crumb to Daniel Clowes and in doing so have created a community that have germinated not only some amazing comics, but great publishing companies as well. This week they talk about the beginnings of Fantagraphics and THE COMICS JOURNAL and give us their view of the alternative comics world. http://www.thecomicstore.com/Interview.asp?cartid=

***This Week’s Feature***
2001 is Fantagraphics 25th Anniversary year and earlier this year there was a gallery show at the La Roc gallery in Seattle celebrating the publisher and the artists they’ve brought to the world. Zachary Lively brought us this report at the time and to give a sense of Fanta’s hometown support as well as the company’s significance in the larger artistic community we’re pleased to re-run it. http://www.thecomicstore.com/Feature.asp?cartid=

***Reviews to Note***
This week Rick Bradford reviews Slave Labor Graphics excellent comics anthology, which is a “shrine to all that is goofy in comics.” http://www.thecomicstore.com/Review.asp?cartid=

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