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#476199 - 09/26/01 02:10 PM big day for comics locally!!!!!!
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i didn't get anything today but in the college paper there is a full page ad and full page article on the new shop that opened last august that i get my stuff at! I now think that my comic book guy has done more to get comics mainstream exposure than marvel and dc combined. [img]/resources/ubb/smile.gif[/img] it was good to have it in the wednesday paper except they left out the address. so, i guess we'll see what happens.


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#476200 - 09/28/01 02:22 PM Re: big day for comics locally!!!!!!
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I've mentioned it on the rec.arts.comics.misc, and I guess I'll do so here.

I've looked into the crystal ball, chatted up all my dead relatives, spent 150 bucks calling up Cleo, and come up with the wild ass guess that the sales of comics should be much higher this time next year. I don't have a clue as to when the numbers will siginificantly turn up, but then this is all a guess anyway. I put some hard numbers on it when I mentioned this before, but I won't go so far in this post.

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