Sequential Tart's October issue is now available at This is an issue focusing on the creators who were to attend the SPX Expo in Washington DC on Sept 14th and 15th.


Sam Hiti (End Times)


Suzanne Baumann (Damned Bunnies)
Sean Bieri (Jape)
Pam Bliss (Dog and Pony Show, Those Kids, B36)
Scott Brown (Cyberosia Publishing - publishers of Frightening Curves)
Bob Corby (Oh, Comics! and SPACE con)
Walter Crane IV (Sheba)
Evan Dorkin (Dork, World's Funnest, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast)
Kris Dresen (Manya, Max and Lily)
Sara Dyer (Action Girl)
Jackie Estrada (Mavis, Wolff and Byrdd)
Jim Gownley (The Forbidden Book, Amelia Rules)
Rachel Hartman (Amy Unbounded)
Dean Haspiel (Opposable Thumbs, Billy Dogma)
Janet L. Hetherington (Eternal Romance, Elvira)
Jay Holser (Clan Apis, The Sandwalk Adventures)
Bill Knapp (Faith: A Fable, A Thorn in the Side)
Batton Lash (Mavis, Wolff and Byrdd )
Carla Speed McNeil (Finder)
Christine Norrie (Action Girl Comics, Hopeless Savages)
Jim Ottaviani (Dignifying Science, Fallout)
Alex Robinson (Box Office Poison, Sophomore Slump)
Joe Sacco (Palestine, Safe Area Gorazde)
Rich Watson (Rat Collected Edition and The Path)
Kurt Wolfgang (Lowjinx)
Stan Yan (Squid Works Cooperative, Guilt Trip)


Spotlight On: There's Got To Be A Morning After…Doesn't There? By Barb
Lien Cooper
Pro Roundtable: Memories of SPX by Jennifer Contino
Experts from the SPX Expo – An Ordering Catalog parts 1-3 by Jennifer Contino
Hopelessly Lost, But Making Good Time, part 7 by Pam Bliss
Under the Microscope - Uncanny X-Men #170 by Marissa Sammy
A Brick Chucking Mouse - The Ignatz Awards by Lee Atchison
To Create Without Boundaries - Mini Comics by Lee Atchison
The Agony of Xstacy by Sarah Glaetzer
Silly Science in the Justice Society of Wimpy Women by Tracy Paddock


Caption 2001 by Marcia Allass
Dragon*Con by Christine Gregory
Dragon*Con by Gale Skipworth


Interview: Lee Curreri (Fame, Aquabox) by Jennifer Contino
Rant of the Month by Barb Lien Cooper
Score Buffy Bash by Wolfen Moondaughter
Memories by Christine Gregory
Letter From A Very Changed City by Maggy Magliano
Geek Squad by Tori Morris
Reviews: Books, Comics, Events, Graphic Novels, Movies, Online Comic
Strips, Video, TV


On Being An Onna-Otaku by Jen Bomford
See Ya, Seiyuu by Layla Lawlor
A Tale of Two Cons by Trisha L. Sebastian


Let's Here it for the Boys - Yaoi Con by Jen Bomford
Adventures of An Honorary Sempei - Otakon 2001 by Kim De Vries
Y-Con? Why Not? By Tammy Lee
Reviews: Anime, CD, Manga


13 Questions: Sam Hiti (End Times) by Anna Jellinek
Bizarre Breasts by Trisha Lynn Sebastian
Read This Or Die: SPX Expo Special
Redirected Male by Jeff Alexander
Retailer's Corner: Warp One in Edmonton, Canada
Tart To Hart: Bad Boys for Fan Girls
Dear Kady Mae
Going Postal

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