Continuing his efforts to receive every kind of "real-world" media coverage possible, Eddie Campbell will be appearing at the Brisbane Writers Festival this coming Saturday, 20th October (unless war or anthrax delay his flight back from the From Hell premiere in LA that morning).

Very amused to be announced as the author of How To Be An Artist From Hell, he will be sharing a panel and speaking on "some weird topic that he hopes to change once he's there."

Anne Campbell has already told Eddieweb that "the other birds are Cathy Kelly (born and raised in Ireland - not that there's anything wrong with that) and Kim Wilkins (a local writer who is extremely excited about meeting Eddie - apparently)", but actual publicity material reveals that a bloke named Martin Armiger will also be present, and that the topic is to be:

Changing Expectations
New readers have different expectations. How has new writing responded to shifts in popular culture?

Be at the auditorium of the State Library from 2pm to 3:15 to see if Campbell can manage to steer this general topic onto the far more fascinating topic of himself, his work, and what's been annoying him lately.