One of the sites I like to goof around on is the Hollywood Stock Exchange . They give you $2M in play money when you sign on, which you can then "invest" in movies and stars. (You can read more about how the values are calculated on their site.) All in all it's pretty neat.

Among the many movies listed in all phases of development are many superhero movies, and they seem to usually have a pretty good track record for getting the skinny on these things.

So today they IPO'd Watchmen. Here's what they say about it :

Symbol: WATCH Status: Active Genre: Thriller/Sci-Fi Phase: Development

Price: H$50.00 Change: 0 Volume: 0

Some would argue that the graphic novel Watchmen should never be filmed, but it has not stopped filmmakers from trying. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created the ground-breaking series first published by D.C. Comics in the 1980s. Watchmen explores a world much like our own where masked superheroes have existed since the 1930s. However, superheroes were outlawed in the 1970s except for those who work for the government. Now, one by one, the aging superheroes are dying under mysterious circumstances.

The Warner Bros. project is in development with producer Lawrence Gordon. During the late 1980s, Sam Hamm wrote a script for director Terry Gilliam. Screenwriter David Hayter (The X-Men) announced in September 2001 that he was working on a new script which he hopes to make his directorial debut with.
Howard Price
Sr. Editor
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