"Bravo"(Canada), showed the National Film Board of Canada Documentary "Todd McFarlane: The Devil You Know" last night. Although some of the footage was used by the CBC in their "Life and Times" program earlier in the year, the full scope of the whole documentary was a real treat. I was surprised at how candid McFarlane was, and also the freedom given to the film makers in providing a "backstage pass" into Todd's business and Family life. It seemed to be an honest portrayal of the man "warts and all", and had great interviews with fellow industry pros such as Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen, Stephen Bissette, and Jim Salicrup. The movie also included interviews with his wife, brothers and parents. It traced his life story up to 1999-2000, and included major pieces on the McGwire baseball purchase. Love him or hate him, I highly recommend watching this documentary if you get a chance. Canadian comic fans should check their T.V. Guide for repeat viewings on Bravo later in the week.